cou•pler (noun) [kuhp-ler] : A connector between two moving parts to relay the motion.

Coupler Mfg. Co. is an independent design and fabrication firm, specializing in the conceptualization and execution of retail installations and guerrilla marketing for over ten years.  While working with multiple clients like Levi's, Sonos, Nike, Converse, Adidas, Sweetgreen, Case-Mate, MySpace, Nasty Gal, Paige Denim as well as individual retailers and marketing agencies, Coupler is housed in a well-equipped 5,000 square foot shop near Downtown Los Angeles, which also includes a large in-house design space. 

Coupler produces anything from design itself to heavy logistical construction and fabrication for installation in boutiques across the nation.  With the increased studio and shop space, Coupler can easily support the logistics of monthly installations at various locations.  Coupler currently has the capacity to not only produce projects nationwide, but has also expanded to include the worldwide market.  They have teams prepared to handle regional productions and installations in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and the New England area, specifically Massachusetts and New York.  Teams have also been organized in South Africa, Japan, and Western Europe, including The United Kingdom.  Coupler has custom-built regulation basketball courts, indoor soccer fields, completely transformed the famed Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood, CA to support Nike's involvement in the Beijing Olympics (an installation that still remains as a center for local commerce), and has rebuilt the Levi's Haus of Strauss showroom in West Hollywood, CA to accommodate and showcase current collaborations along with new lines of product.

With the owner's background in TV and Film Production, and creating environments and art direction on Discovery Channel shows like Junkyard Wars, Creative Director Zak Hawthorne has honed his ability to react quickly to tough assignments at multiple locations.  He heads an expandable, hard working crew, most of whom have been together since the founding of the company.  With his expertise and leadership, Coupler has collaborated with designers, artists, and agencies to create a compelling story tailored to the needs of each client.  Clients can rely upon Coupler for a strong, hip taste level utilizing clean and relevant design, delivered repeatedly on budget and on tight deadlines.