Denton-Cardew Design conceptualized a series of intriguing vignettes that acted as a backdrop for Levi’s Fall 2013 collections. The WasteLess showcased the process of taking Plastic PET bottles and how they are broken down and combined with organic cotton to create thread. Packable jackets were displayed on scales to illustrate their weight and size compared to other items one would pack, such as books, water bottles and cameras. The reflectivity of the Levi’s Urban Commuter line was highlighted by using a remote on-camera flash and an iPad to view the image the guest just captured, all on a platform made of NYC taxicab headlights. Large panels of color and pattern were used to display the playful assortment of Made&Crafted, while Levi’s Vintage Clothing’s new “Orange Tab” collection was teased by a young couple standing over a neon sign and an orange shag rug. Editors and bloggers were invited to have a guided tour and capture the collections which was hosted at Milk Studios in New York City.

Fabricated and Installed by Coupler Mfg. Co. and Square Design NY