Known for hosting highly anticipated concerts and shows, Levi's announced its plans for a pre-Grammy Award party/concert featuring Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams at the famed Hollywood Palladium Theater.  Coupler Mfg Co was tasked with building out the Palladium's foyer with custom step-and-repeat walls, along with showcasing various pieces of Levi's Brand Denim apparel, more notably the 501ct, while incorporating the use of both neon and LED lights.  Each step-and-repeat wall was hand-branded with the Levi's batwing and the artist Snoop Dogg, in preparation for his newly-released album.  Click Here for the more on the event.

Neon Fabrication by Heaven or Las Vegas.  Concept Design by Israel Kandarian.  Fabrication/Installation by Coupler Mfg Co.