In the summer of 2013, Levi's Vintage Clothing completely reproduced every element from its Orange Tab label.  That process occured right here in the USA just as it did during the 1960s and 70s.  Partnering up with the original producers of the Orange Tab denim, Cone Mills, Levi's recreated the exact line that was the affordable alternative to the Red Tab workwear.  

Coupler Mfg. Co. was brought onboard to bring this initiative to the forefront with two homogenous projects: Orange Tab @ Haus of Strauss and a nationwide tour involving two iconic vehicles of Levi's pastime - the 1974 AMC Gremlin and the 1976 Jeep CJ5.  

Incoporating the 1970s vibe into Haus of Strauss, Coupler was tasked with building out a hangout area, furnished with an all-walnut bar that was surrounded by quintessential walnut wall paneling.  Imagery from that era was also displayed for partygoers that wanted to bask in iconic Levi's history.

The nationwide tour involved the Jeep and the Gremlin based of the then affiliation with Levi's.  In that time period of manufacturing, these two model vehicles were limited editions based on the interior materials.  Each vehicle was upholstered using real Levi's denim.  Coupler's task, in addition to overhauling mechanical and engine issues, was to revitalize each vehicle, from installing original flooring, original denim upholstery and copper rivets to applying the original pin striping styles that were popular of that era.  The idea was that you could wear Levi's and drive it too.