Coupler Mfg. Co. prides itself on working, not only with close friends, but some of the best painters and fabricators in its home city of Los Angeles, CA.  On many occasions, we are able to utilize our talents to showcase products to a vast amount of people.  In Santa Monica, CA the average foot traffic is over 40,000 per day.  When Tangram contacted Coupler to collaborate on some Nike campaigns, we were able to work with some talented artists to put out some cool artwork in Nike's Santa Monica Promenade windows.  We were also tasked with buidling floor models that, not only highlighted the product, but also incorporated elements from the window displays and vice versa.  In addition to doing some interesting fade-style painting, creating custom LED lights, rods, and signs were definitely highlights of this project.

Fabrication and Installation by Coupler Mfg Co