For Coupler Mfg Co, collaboration is the foundation for success.  Committed and dedicated to their creative aspirations, Denton-Cardew Design approached Coupler with the opportunity to work with Sonos, the Hi-Fidelity Wireless Speaker brand.  DCD was tasked with designing their Culver City office space by capturing emotive energy of music that could act as a canvas for many months to come. Coupler brought that energy to life by building a dimensionalized white-paneled surface, using the Sonos brand identity as its basis while projecting a morphing, color animation over the top. The projected image can be easily changed to anything that the brand wishes to present. The lucite and internally lit SONOS word mark punches out and acts as the center piece that is seemingly emanating life and emotion. Light dimmer controls were also included so that you can affect the brightness of the SONOS mark independently from the backlit panels, creating even more depth.

In addition to the projector wall, Coupler was also tasked with creating a "visual sound" wall with fully functional Sonos Play One speakers and equiped with bluetooth capabilities to sync-up to the Sonos network. Replicating a recording studio with custom-fit, white sound proofing foam panels and custom standoffs at varying distances, the Sonos Wall-of-Sound gives the listener both a  visual and audio depiction with its grandeur (20 feet high and 20 feet wide).  The wall was built out from its origianl parallelogram form to fit these dimensions.  

Designed by Denton-Cardew Design.  Fabrication and Installation by Coupler Mfg Co.